Tips for Cleaning Antique Furniture

When you buy new furniture from us, or any other seller, you are making an investment in your home. You are showing others your sense of taste and how you respect and care for the items you possess. And just as with any other investment, it is natural that you will want to protect it. After all, a Cesca chair or Mies van der Rohe Barcelona table is not just any ordinary piece of furniture. Great care must be taken in order to accentuate the beauty of these pieces and extend their lives for generations to come. Here are some ways to protect this investment you’ve made in your home.Furniture - MIES VAN DER ROHE MR CANTILEVER CHAIR


  • Use a Paste Wax for Cleaning & Polishing: Avoid using commercial furniture cleaners as they are not designed to care for antique or otherwise valuable furnishings. Also, they tend to leave an oily residue that may actually damage your furniture. Use a high-quality paste wax instead. Apply a thin coat, wait five minutes and then buff lightly with a soft piece of cheesecloth.
  • Do Not Use Rough Materials to Wipe Furniture: Use cheesecloth or similarly soft material when cleaning delicate or antique furniture. Rougher items such as towels or washcloths tend to scratch wood furniture in particular.
  • Keep your furniture out of the sun: Hot temperatures can cook fine finishes, fading and destroying them over time. The dry heat of heating units or vents may also cause your wood furniture to shrink. In short, be careful where you place your furnishings.
  • Use warm water and mild wood soap: Use a mild soap such as Murphy’s on wood pieces along with warm water. Be sure to thoroughly dry the piece after each treatment so as not to leave spots, etc.
  • Clean metal parts separately: Many wood furnishings have some metal pieces attached to them as well. If this is the case with a piece of furniture you own, do not use a metal cleaner to clean the wood components and vice versa.
  • Hire a professional: Restoring or refinishing an older piece of furniture may sound like a good DIY project you can undertake by yourself, but if you have an especially valuable piece you may wish to engage a professional to do the job.


Finally, show the same level of commitment in caring for your furniture as you did when you chose it. Protect your investment in these ways and you will be able to enjoy your furnishings for generations to come.