The Best Home Décor Magazines

old-magazine-rackPeople who are obsessive about home décor and improvement make it their business to say well informed not only about the many schools of design that are represented on our site but, also about the latest trends in interior design. This is why so many of our site’s visitors pour through blogs and magazines and watch TV shows about home improvement. This is also why there are a large number of magazines designed to inspire people who wish to get their interior design project off on the right foot. Here is our list of the top magazines devoted to home renovation, improvement and decoration.

Better Homes and Gardens:  BHG is filled with advice from experts on the topics of cooking, gardening and most importantly home decorating. In fact, an entire section is devoted to home improvement and features DIY ideas.

Good Housekeeping:  Another giant in the industry, GH offers tips on home decorating, organizing and gardening. It also features appliance reviews, recipes and beauty and style tips.

Style at Home:  This magazine offers expert advice on home décor and also contains videos that motivate and inspire its visitors.

Reno & Décor:  This magazine spotlights Canadian properties and specializes in interior design and home renovation advice.

Extreme How To:  This online magazine takes advantage of the DIY movement and offers tips, videos and expert advice for those who want to take control of their home improvement projects.

Ultimately, inspiration comes from many sources and whether it comes from your favorite blog, magazine or TV program, Bauhaus2YourHouse can help you complete your next home design project. One of these magazines can give you an idea of where to place a neo-futuristic item such as a Saarinen table or Saarinen chair or a modern classic piece such as a Marcel Breuer small laccio table.