Book Nook, Baby: 4 Ideas for a Cozy Reading Space

Ahh, fall. If you haven’t already, now is the time to pull out those oversized sweaters and cardigans, thick, luscious scarves, and versatile brown riding boots. Your first step out of the front door in the morning causes you to take a deep breath and inhale that earthy, sodden smell of fallen wet leaves and exhale a cloud of condensation. 

You sit on your porch with a steaming mug of coffee and let it warm the chill on your fingers. Although your senses are tingling as you take it all in, you should have a place to take reprieve from the brisk breeze creating a bright blush on your cheeks. A reading nook is exactly the place.

Location, location, location

The best location for a reading nook is somewhere with good lighting. Whether that’s under a tall lamp, below a sky light, or near a bright bay window, is up to you. It’s also important that it’s somewhere in your home where you feel relaxed and at peace. That could be a corner in your bedroom, an open spandrel beneath your staircase, your living room, or even in a converted basement. 

A popular spot for reading nooks in homes is wherever there’s an alcove with a bay window. You can always convert this into a comfy lounge spot with a built-in bookshelf storage underneath or to the sides. Wherever you have space and feel the coziest, is the best place to create your nook.

Have a seat

Now, a place to sit. You’ll want to opt for comfy, armchair-style seating so you can sit for prolonged periods of time. Modern lounge chairs are a great fit for these areas since they tend to be eye-catching, ergonomically designed, and more compact than the traditional armchair. 

Some favorable reading nook chairs include: 

  • Eero Saarinen Womb Chair: This chair envelopes your body, making for maximum comfort. Add the matching Saarinen Womb Ottoman to use as a footrest and you’ll never want to leave. 
  • Lapalma Lounge Chair: Lapalma offers countless, reading-suitable lounge chairs — all of which feature a cradled and slightly reclined design for relaxing and unwinding. 
  • Cinemascope Lounge Chair: Though a slightly wider seat, the Cinemascope is too plush and roomy to pass up. 

Set the mood

If you prefer a comfy chair, sling a blanket over the back and pair it with a side table (preferably one with a shelf where you can keep your books beneath) that it set with all the things you may need: a coaster for your mug, a box of tissues, a diffuser or candle, and a lamp (or floor lamp) large enough to illuminate your book when you’re stuck in a good book and day turns quickly into night. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a window nook, grab a decorative basket and roll up a soft, wool blanket, a pack of tissues, a few magazines and a few books, and a jar of caramels. Or if you’re one who likes to hunker down on the carpet, the book basket works for you as well.

Situate the books

Looking to house some books in your book nook? Well, naturally! A smaller bookcase works best in what is intentionally supposed to be a compact, cozy space. Display some of your favorite novels alongside some decorative pieces on the ever-popular Sapiens bookcase, known for its slim design yet unmatched capacity. 

The B Blos bookcase is also a clean-lined option for what should ultimately be a minimalist space. The fewer distractions and simpler the furnishings in this space, the better you can focus on your next fascinating read.