Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Home

No matter whether your dining room’s decor is rustic or contemporary, there is a right dining table that can suit your needs. The dining table is not just a functional piece that can provide you with a place to sit and eat, it can tie together the rest of the room’s furnishings.

A skillfully chosen and arranged table can speak volumes for the room, especially when paired with the appropriate chairs and lighting.

For those who are not sure how to begin, it can be a good idea to follow some of these tips and see you can find the dining table that is right for you.

Focus on the Space

One of the first steps that you need to make is to take a look at the space in the area.

What type of room do you want the dining table to grace? Will the table be for something formal so that you can host parties for your friends and family during the holidays? Will the table be for everyday use for most meals as well as extra activities, such as homework and crafts?

Depending on what you need, you may work with any variety of styles. Choose something attention-grabbing for parties and something easy to maintain for regular use. Try to plan for the functional space as best as you can.

You want there to be plenty of room for your guests to clear away from a wall while you are entertaining. If you are limited on space, though, you might consider an extendable dining table.

Choose the Right Style

A table in the right style makes all the difference, but, for many shoppers, this is the hardest part. Once you decide on the relative size and primary material for the table, you can focus on working with different visual styles.

Specific materials like metal and concrete may be a lot more contemporary in their presence, so they will be best paired with specific styles. Other materials, such as wood and bamboo, may be more versatile.

Wood is much easier to shape and comes in a number of different colors and grains. Choose lighter or darker woods as appropriate in order to either match or elegantly stand out against your furnishings.

Get the Right Shape

Not all tables are made the same. Though rectangular tables are among the most commonly chosen for the dining room, there are many other shapes to choose form that can have a powerful presence in the home. Square dining tables can set an interesting theme in the room, and you can always opt for smaller varieties if you are not interested in hosting more than four or so people at a time.

Round dining tables are also available. Choose these if you want to establish an even more unique presence. These can also be perfect for frequent gatherings of close friends and family. Choose an oval table if you want to emulate the functionality of the rectangular table with the presence of the round table.

This style of table can also be perfect if you are matching for a rounder room or setting. Many feng shui experts also believe that round tables help with the flow of “chi” in the room, creating a positive energy. As long as you decorate your dining room with heart, however, we believe this will come anyway.