Feng Shui Your Home Office

When it’s time to get down to business, our environment can make a big difference in how productive we are. For those of us that often work from home, this can be especially difficult to achieve. The Chinese art of feng shui is important for this reason – and not because it is metaphysical, but because it is actually very practical and effective.

By arranging our home office according to the laws of feng shui, we make it a more comfortable place to work and focus.

#1) De-clutter your desk

Life is too short to sift through the thousands of papers on your desk in search of the one document you put down a year ago. Clutter increases our stress levels and is not aesthetically pleasing. Shelves, drawers, and filing cabinets go a long way toward de-cluttering your home office.

#2) Separate Work from Leisure

It is vitally important that your home office be separate from the rooms in which you do your resting and unwinding. Keep it not only in a separate room from your bedroom, but in a separate part of the house. A lot of us love to crawl into bed with our work, but this can lead to a more unsettling night’s sleep. Separating work from pleasure both mentally and physically will keep your mind at ease.

#3) A Comfortable Chair is Everything

An ergonomic chair that’s comfortable on your back is a must-have. Kinks in your neck, lower back, and legs as a result of an uncomfortable chair make getting your work done even harder. Feng shui suggests that chairs should not only be comfortable, but supported by a wall or bookshelf behind them. Empty space behind your chair can be subconsciously unsettling.

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#4) Splash Some Color Around

Get rid of that stark white and add some color to your walls. The laws of feng shui suggest that blue is ideal for logic and focus, red for creativity, and green for energizing. Earth tones are a good choice for a neutral vibe, and instill feelings of peace and serenity.

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