Using Earth Tones in Interior Design

Earth tones are back, which means it’s time to adorn your living space with warm browns, deep greens, and earthy yellows. These colors can be difficult to incorporate with an eclectic color scheme, but introducing them gradually is key.

Honey Yellow or Terracotta Armchair

Armchairs are great for spicing up or toning down your home’s color theme. They’re just noticeable enough to make a pop, but not so noticeable they distract from the rest of your decor.

A honey yellow or terracotta armchair with a modern design will blend well with any decor theme. The Pierre Paulin Orange Slice Chair is just perfect for achieving this look. Its contemporary design and wide range of earth-toned colors is very fitting.

Brown Curtains

Bright curtains can cause an overexposure of the bright light that streams through them. For this reason, brown curtains are just perfect. They naturally dim the bright sun that shines through them, while simultaneously warming up a cool and gloomy exterior.

Brown and coffee-colored curtains are an unobtrusive way of warming up your home’s interior.

Emerald Accents

Because deep green is such an eye-catching color, despite its understated appearance, it is best implemented in home accents. This means smaller decorative objects, such as tabletop decor or centerpieces.

An Art Deco Banker’s Desk Lamp is an elegant touch to a work space, while an emerald green vase will complement your dining table or coffee table. Olive-toned fabrics and jewel-toned accents will add some vintage glam and boho-chic vibes to your home’s interior design.

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