Home Décor, Holiday Parties and the New Year

It has been the general consensus of many that 2016 has been somewhat disappointing. This is one of the reasons that as the New Year quickly approaches most of us are looking forward to parties and other events that will ring out 2016 and herald in 2017. These gatherings are also an excellent chance to reconnect with old acquaintances and to make new friends. New Years parties also provide the opportunity to show off your home décor. Exquisite, furniture – such as the kind we sell at Bauhaus2YourHouse – is excellent not only for how beautiful it makes your home look but our furnishings make perfect conversation pieces. That is one of the great things about the furniture we sell at Bauhaus2YourHouse.


Nearly every piece has a story behind it involving great designers and the schools they attended and the cultural impact of these masters of design such as Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius, Eero Saarinen, Michael Thonet and others. Owners of pieces such as our Eileen gray table can discuss with their party attendees how Gray was one of several underrated female furniture designers of the modernistic movement in architecture. Using furniture from our store, owners can provide a visual testimony of the Bauhaus movement through pieces created by students who attended the school. (Many of its alums created pieces that we have on display and for sale on our site.)


The time counting down to the New Year also provides an excellent chance for those who do not posses our pieces to transform their homes with our furniture. So, you see home décor is about more than the functionality of furniture. It is about embracing and relating to others how that furniture is steeped in history. It is about furniture that can be transformational to the entire theme of your home and your lifestyle.