Some Looks Never Go Out of Style

Coming up with an interior design plan for your home is not an easy task; especially if you are going into it with no idea what your design aesthetic may be. If you become awash with confusion when you hear terms like American traditional, industrial and southwestern for example, chances are you are not an interior design aficionado. If you can’t tell an art deco home from a Victorian one you may be in need of some advice before you dive into the design plan, and we may be able to help.Walter Gropius

We know it’s all very overwhelming. Moving into a new home is stressful enough, but if you’re looking to outfit that new home with a fresh new look you’re stress levels can easily double. A little advice can go a long way. If you’ve never thought about a mid-century modern design style for your home we would suggest you look into it. Even if you’re simply trying to give your existing home design a face-lift, a few key mid-century modern pieces can go a long way; the sleek, simple design style can both blend in with and greatly improve the look of a room all at the same time.

The Bauhaus movement had a huge influence on mid-century modern design. Bauhaus was an art school in Germany that was founded in 1919 by Walter Gropious. The vision of this art school was to bridge the gap between art and industry by combining crafts and fine arts. A key tenant of the Bauhaus movement is to use materials in their most natural and honest form; this is why you’ll notice the supportive materials—like the metal legs on a couch—are exposed rather than covered up by other materials. Bauhaus was one of the first schools to teach students modern design and the movement has been most influential in modern furniture design.

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When you choose Bauhaus furniture for your home you’ll notice a harmonious mix of art, industry, design and functionality in your pieces. Even just a few pieces of this modern classic furniture will give your whole home a luxurious and sophisticated feel. Here at Bauhaus 2 Your House it is our mission to offer our online customers the same great prices and ease of purchase that is available to architects and designers. Whether you’re looking for that classic tulip table you saw on an episode of Mad Men or you’re trying to find the perfect Thonet chair for that barren corner of your living room, Bauhaus 2 Your House will have just what you’re looking for!