What is Modern Classic?

In the world of interior design, there are so many different styles and movements, and it seems like each one has an alternate version too. It can make searching for furniture and décor frustrating, because it feels like if you don’t know everything, you’ll mix the wrong styles and ruin the room. Sometimes I feel like style and fashion was really just invented to let professional designers feel important and to make every day people feel stupid. After all, why can’t we just do whatever looks good?


The truth is, you can. Style isn’t all about rules. It’s about giving you options and patterns, but you’re always free to diverge from convention. In fact, that’s how most styles and movements develop.


One of the most inventive, flexible styles around is called “modern classic.” It takes classic design, a European style based on ancient Greek and Roman architecture, combines it with sleek contemporary décor, and gives it a mid-century modernist twist. It’s all about simple, white surfaces contrasted with dark greys and browns. Just imagine—modern, geometric art next70_cm_dining_round_cbbf0c7a-ccc9-498b-86de-902d121b8e7f_grande_large to a classic stained oak chair in front of a Saarinen Tulip Table. It sounds crazy, but it works. The result is inviting, calming, and totally expressive. And its sparseness and simplicity make it an affordable look too.


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