Must-Haves for a Compact and Chic Office Space

With a vast number of employees working from home with no end in sight, we all should try to create a work-from-home office space that we love. 

Home offices are an excellent way to promote focus, peace, and productivity at home for whatever task you may have on your plate. You can even think of your home office as an oasis of calm, clarity, and solitude.

Many don’t feel they can have such a space in their home or apartment because they lack the space. Perhaps they only have a corner to dedicate to working rather than a designated room. Still, with some creativity, it’s possible to create a home workspace you love. But to do so, you’ll need beautiful and functional furniture! 

Below are some must-haves for a compact and chic office space that will maximize the efficiency of a small workspace while still looking chic.

Sapiens Bookcase 

The Sapiens Bookcase is a legendary contemporary space-saving idea. Instead of committing to an over-extension of lateral space, why not just use limited vertical space, and make it elegant? That’s the concept behind this book-loving Sapiens bookshelf. Great for small spaces or big collections, you can choose smaller Sapiens models that hold 35 or 50 books.

Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, the Sapiens Bookcase is constructed of a steel tube column, steel sheet shelves, and a steel sheet or glass base. Clean and minimal, a Sapiens Bookcase is a great contemporary example of form following function. We recommend a 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds) weight capacity per shelf. (The base is a solid piece of steel and can also hold books.)

Moleskine Folding Top Desk 

Philippe Nigro designed the Moleskine Folding Top Desk for Driade with a light look: a top in birch plywood with oak finishing with an opening flap door set on a structure in steel sheet painted in matt black with details in oak. Its small size and linear design make this elegant desk perfect for use in different places – in an office, or as a console in a living room or bedroom. 

An accessory kit is available – which contains a side panel, front panel, and sliding element for paper – to allow the desk to be personalized and emphasize the image of a collected personal space.

In the collection’s “nomadic” spirit, an available stool functions well in any room in the house, although it was designed to be used with the desk. The stool is height-adjustable with a round oak seat set on a tripod structure in aluminum sheet painted black. The stool has a playful linear design that matches the base of the desk.

Arco Office Chair by Lapalma 

Francisco Rota designed the Arco collection of chairs by LaPalma in 2016. The Arco Chair is truly a chair that embraces its visitor. Thanks to the Arco Chair’s hidden screw system, the curved wood backrest is smoothly joined to the solid wood seat, with a design that creates a continuous line that magically brings together each part.

The support is exceptionally comfortable, and the opening allows you to sit in a relaxing position in total freedom. Adding to the comfort level is an upholstered seat available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.

S 41-2 Cabinet by Tecta

Taking inspiration from Marcel Breuer’s S41 Cabinet of 1924, this cabinet was “updated”  by Florian Borkenagen in 1991.  In the S41-2 version, the German artist Borkenagen uses a combination of stainless steel and various drawer handles to create this design.