6 Classic Color Schemes to Use in Your Home

Interior design trends come and go, but one thing is for certain–there are a number of classic color schemes that simply never go out of style. These color combinations are both timeless and versatile, meaning they can easily be altered and adapted to fit anyone’s unique style and preferences.  

So if you’re looking for color combinations that can work anywhere in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at seven classic color schemes that are both time-tested and stunning. 

Navy & White

Navy will always be a regal and versatile color that looks great in practically any room in your home. Pairing navy blue with stark white is a timeless combination, typically associated with a coastal or nautical aesthetic. However, this combo can be adapted to fit a wide variety of interior design styles. 


Monochromatic color schemes where you decorate a room with multiple variations of one color can have a bold yet harmonious effect. Depending on the color you select for your monochromatic style, you can evoke several different moods like bright and cheery with a yellow monochromatic scheme, or a grounded and fresh with a green monochromatic look. 

The versatility of a monochromatic color scheme means it can be easily adapted to fit anyone’s personal sense of style and design. 

Layered Earth Tones

Layering various earth tones like beige, cream, brown, and tan evokes an undeniable warmth and coziness. Plus, depending on the accessories, fabrics, and materials you choose to decorate with, this can be a very versatile color palette that is a great match for rustic, traditional, nature-inspired, or modern minimalist design aesthetics. 

Gray & Yellow

If you’re looking for a cheery color scheme, consider the combination of gray and yellow. The neutrality of gray paired with the vibrancy of yellow provides a distinctive balance that is still bright and airy. Gray and yellow is a color combination found in many contemporary interiors, used anywhere from nurseries to home offices to living rooms.

White, Brown & Green

Using a color palette of white, brown, and green for a classic nature-inspired feel can make your home feel refreshed and grounded. The neutral shades of white and brown create a versatile base in any room of your choosing, and you can add in green accents through statement furniture pieces, plants, and artwork for a charming pop of color. 


Decorating your home with soft pastel colors like light pink, baby blue, and mint green offers a classic and vintage look. Pastel color schemes are often a go-to choice for nurseries, children’s rooms, or even in the living space for a shabby chic or cottage-style interior.