How to Style a Fireplace: 4 Cozy and Practical Tips

The fireplace is a strong symbol of warmth in the home. It’s the place where family and friends gather on cold winter days for a sense of comfort and protection. Despite the strong symbolism and natural beauty of the hearth on its own, we’d like to share some designer-approved tips and suggestions for styling your fireplace and mantel this fall and winter. The following are some quick and easy ways to elevate the style of your fireplace while still keeping it cozy and inviting. 

1. Add a Statement Piece

In most homes, there will be a blank space above the fireplace, which is the perfect place for a statement piece of artwork or a mirror. Whatever piece you choose can be the focal point for your overall fireplace design. So, take some time to choose a thoughtful piece that speaks to your personal design aesthetic. 

Keep in mind that adding a large mirror can help brighten up a room and make it feel more spacious. So, if your fireplace is located in a darker area, this can be a great way to make the space feel more lively. 

2. Layer Different Textures and Materials

One of the best ways to make your fireplace area cozier is to layer textures and materials in your decor. For the colder seasons, this means you may want to reach for chunky knit throws, plush cushions and pillows, and soft area rugs that leave you no choice but to snuggle up in front of the fireplace. 

Though the fireplace will keep you and your family warm, you may still want to place a basket of folded blankets near the hearth for easy access on a particularly cold evening. So, these different textures add warmth and comfort, but they also look visually appealing and sophisticated. 

3. Place Seating Around the Hearth

If you plan on gathering around the fireplace to warm up with some hot cocoa or a good book this fall and winter, you’ll want to have comfortable seating surrounding it. This is especially important if you want to entertain around your fireplace, so you’ll want at least a few options like stools, chairs, and poufs to accommodate your family and guests. 

Adding seating around the fireplace naturally draws people into the area to warm up. Without it, your family and friends might feel awkward standing around it, and avoid the area altogether in favor of a place where there’s more seating. 

4. Decorate with Seasonal Garlands

Especially as we head into the holiday season, it can be a great idea to add seasonal garlands and decorations to make the space feel even more festive and inviting. If you add things like dried leaves, wreaths, pine cones, holly berries, and pine boughs to your mantel, you can bring in a feeling of freshness and nature, even as winter sets in.