6 Modern Holiday Home Ideas

Creating a festive home doesn’t mean you need to bring out the clutter! Find out six elegant ways to get your space ready for a celebratory occasion while maintaining its sophistication.

Go Minimalist 

You don’t have to go with the cliches or overdo it to bring a cozy holiday atmosphere to your home with decorations. If you’re a minimalist at heart, why not leave all the frills behind and choose to accentuate the festive accessories you love most? 

Consider a minimalist tree with only a few beloved ornaments or an elegant string of simple gold lights. Place a fresh garland over the fireplace mantle or add a few scented pine cones to a side table as an elegant nod to the season. 

You may even prefer simple golds and sparkly accented neutrals over traditional red and green. The holiday season is a perfect time to practice minimalism by creating the effect you want with less.

Unique Christmas Tree Displays

Embrace originality by trying something new with your Christmas tree this year. Place a tree in an unexpected place, like the bathroom, foyer, or dining room, or even add several all around the house. Choose materials and decor that match, or opt for a different theme for each room to keep it simple.

You may prefer to throw out the idea of a traditional tree altogether and instead pick something made from unconventional materials like metal or wood for a contemporary style. 

Add Natural Elements

Give your space a homey feel by bringing in natural elements over synthetic ones. For example, a wreath on the dinner table, fresh flowers in holiday colors, chestnuts, and raffia decor all create a more authentic nod to the changes of the season. 

Try adding a seasonal table or make space on your fireplace to add found items from the outdoors like special leaves, herbs, or stones that remind you and your guests of wintertime. 

Use Festive Colors

Brighten up dull spaces with bold colors. If you’re not a fan of the typical red and green tones on holiday gear, try using a bold scarlet or deep forest green as accents instead. If you want to go in a completely fresh direction, try out silvers, metallics, fabric with sheen, or a hint of gold to create a special atmosphere. 

If you want to keep things simple and elegant, emphasize only one or two items per room, whether it’s the pillows, a lampshade, or your dining utensils.

Hang Stockings or Garlands

Every home instantly becomes more cheerful with holiday stockings or garlands hung on the mantelpiece. You can keep the look more modern by choosing stockings made from quality materials like wool or linen and in unexpected colors like black and white, cream, beige, or even pastels. 

Use Creative Lighting 

Set the mood by changing up your usual lighting setup. Try using lower-watt light bulbs to create more of a yellowish-golden glow to the room. Embrace using lamps and mounted wall fixtures, or place amber-hued shades over your overhead lights. If possible, light the fireplace and keep it going as much as you can to extend the holiday cheer all winter season.