Holiday Prep: Elevating Your Dining Room in Time for Guests

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and for those who plan on hosting this year, there can be a lot of pressure to have the perfect entertaining space that is warm and inviting for your guests. The holidays are such a special time of the year, so read through the following tips to elevate your dining room space with plenty of time before your guests arrive later this year. 

Upgrade Your Fixtures and Decor

If you already have a nice dining room table and chairs, you may be able to refresh your space simply by upgrading your light fixtures, decor, or window treatments.  

A nice paint job and some new luxe curtains can make your space feel totally brand new, even if you’ve only made a few changes. To really go for the cozy holiday ambiance, opt for a paint shade in a warm color like a deep red or other earthy tones. 

If you haven’t upgraded your light fixtures in a while, this could be the perfect opportunity to do so. Even better, see if you can add an adjustable dimmer switch to be in total control over the mood in the room on the night of your hosting event. 

Replace Your Dining Set

Maybe your dining set is completely outdated and really brings down the overall aesthetic of your space. If you fall into this category, it may be time to make an investment in a new dining room table and chairs. 

Here at Bauhaus 2 Your House, we have dozens of options for dining room tables that will effortlessly elevate your space. From contemporary styles to modern classic designs, you can browse tables from top designers like Eero Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier all right here.

Maybe you’re looking for something with an iconic style like the Extendable Tulip Dining Table for Eero Saarinen to accommodate all of your guests. Or, if you’d prefer a table with a more architectural design, the Pechino Extendable Dining Table by Midj could be the perfect option for you. Whichever dining table you choose, make sure to get the appropriate dining chairs to match. 

Put Thought into Your Place Settings

If it’s not feasible for you to totally overhaul your dining room space before the holiday season arrives, you can still elevate the dining experience with thoughtful place settings and centerpieces. 

Make sure you have a full set of dinnerware, flatware, and glassware for the number of guests you’re expecting. If you’re missing a few pieces, you still have plenty of time to get your hands on a few extra items to ensure you have enough for everyone. Having a full set will look visually stunning and provide a sense of cohesion between each place setting. 

You can also incorporate seasonal tablecloths, placemats, and table runners to match the holiday theme. To really go above and beyond, create a captive centerpiece as a focal point for your entire event. Anything from fresh flowers to a decorative bowl of fruits or an elegant candle arrangement can add that final touch of elegance.