Home Décor Color Trends 2018

A recent study by paint and coating manufacturing giant Sherwin Williams has concluded that the first thing most people notice when they enter a home is its color. This fact can present a challenge for home owners since color trends tend to change from one year to the next. For example, in 2017 there was an emphasis on tropical green, warm neutrals, and sophisticated camel accents. For 2018, the color palette has become a bit more adventurous. Fortunately, we’ve made a list some of the interior color trends of 2018 that you can apply to your living space.

  • Black: Black and shades of black such as charcoal grey have made a big comeback this year. As is the case with clothing, black pairs with every other color in the spectrum.
  • Turquoise: This shade is vibrant and makes a bold statement as a wall color. You can use it as a single wall accent or as a color to fill an entire room. Think of it as blue with a bit of a twist.
  • Goldenrod: Warm, rich tones of yellow and gold are back in this season. They pair well with cream and blue accents. Try using this color to paint your child’s bedroom.
  • Sage: Speaking of soothing tones, sage is a wonderful color to paint bedrooms with as well. Sage, for those of you who don’t know, is a kind of greyish green. It is soft and understated without being dull.
  • Berry-inspired colors: This color trend includes raspberry pink, strawberry red, blueberry, etc. These colors are not only versatile but they also add brightness to interior spaces. Use these colors to make a room really pop and to make a bold color statement.
  • Dusty rose: Used as a neutral tone, this color straddles the fence between pink and tan. black paint
  • Deep red: This lively color is timeless and is designed to standout. It makes any room it is applied to pop. Added to an accent wall, it can energize an otherwise sedate looking room.

There you have it. These are some of the top color trends of the current year. These colors will help energize your living spaces just as 2017’s color palette did last year. However, whatever colors you use to decorate your interior, we have furniture that will pair well with these hues. We have furnishings such as a Thonet chair and Midj stools and tables that are timeless classics.