Tips for Party Proofing Your Furniture

There are few things as American as a good old fashioned summer house party. They are an excellent way to celebrate special occasions, to bond with old acquaintances and begin new friendships. Summer parties also happen to present an excellent way to show off your home furnishings. However, here is where the difficult part can come. Parties can also make your possessions or furnishings susceptible to damage from careless party goers. Because we know you will want to protect your furnishings, we offer several suggestions for party proofing your home and furniture.

  • Control your guest list: This means controlling the number of guests who you will be inviting to your party as well as inviting only friends that you know and trust. Opening your home to just anyone could spell disaster as items could go missing and furnishings could be damaged. Finally, know which guests may bring children with them so that you can monitor their behavior while they are in your home.
  • Define off-limits areas: To protect your most valuable furnishings, you may wish to restrict certain areas of your home from your guests. Also, consider transferring breakable items to special designated areas of your home.
  • Use a stain guard: Spills are practically a part of all social gathering where food and drink will be served. One way to protect your furnishings from stains is by using one of the many stain guard products that are commercially available on and offline.
  • Use slip-covers: For large gatherings, the use of spill covers is sometimes necessary. Try draping a decorative fabric over your most valuable furnishings.
  • Be proactive: Since stains are an inevitable part of most social gatherings, it is also a good idea to keep cleaning products handy. Try keeping a bottle of stain remover on hand during your party so that it can quickly be applied when an accident occurs. party

Finally, the good old fashioned, American summer house party does not have to instill you with fear that your furnishings may be damaged. Simply take the steps above to protect these valuable investments in your home. By taking these precautions, you will be able to showcase items such as your Saarinen table or Le Corbusier chaise without worry and have a good time too. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer.