Home Décor Trends for Spring 2017

Let’s face it – many people don’t need much of a reason to redecorate their homes. These are the kinds of people who grow tired of their surroundings and can, without a moment’s notice, decide to re-wallpaper a bedroom or buy all new kitchen appliances or redo their bathroom, etc. For others, spring provides the perfect excuse to renovate, add color to and infuse their surroundings with a splash of life. These changes can be something as modest as adding a Le Corbusier chaise in front of a window or next to a Sapiens bookcase by Sintesi, or they can be as drastic as a complete home makeover. In either case, spring 2017 is seeing some boundary-pushing developments that will be sure to enliven your home’s décor. Here are a few of these trends:


  • More “jewel” tones: If last year saw neutral colors such as beige, gray and white dominant in many homes, jewel tones such as emerald green, amethyst and pastels are dominant this season.
  • Add the brass: Brass can lend a classy and elegant look to your home. Experts suggest that homeowners try mixing together metals such as bronze with brass.
  • Circular design: Many experts say that boxy furniture items have long been on their way out and in favor of furniture that is circular in design and that has rounded edges.
  • More artisanal pieces: Although DIY projects and artwork will always have their place in society; this year is seeing more and more homes filled with expertly crafted items such as porcelain and glass works.
  • Space efficient/convertible furniture: Gauche, oversized furniture is on its way out. Replacing these pieces are space efficient furnishings that also convert to other pieces. Many of the items on our site are convertible such as our T096 Mondial Convertible Coffee Table to Dining Table by Ozzio and our T122 Sydneylong Convertible Coffee Table by Ozzio to name but a few.
  • Tropical Prints: Taking a cue from fashion designers, prints will continue to appear in wallpaper and designer fabrics.


Finally, the consensus among many interior decorators is that 2017 is an even bolder, more experimental year in home design than was 2016. Take the opportunity – whether you are someone who redecorates on a whim or only seasonally – to jump into the year’s trends. Revamp and add a touch of new life to your home furnishings. We can provide you with furniture that is suitable for a variety of taste and style changes.