How to Create a Light & Airy Space

With summer expected to sneak up on us at any moment, and many of us planning to take refuge in our homes when the hot temperatures hit, we may be considering how to make our space more light and airy.

And no, that doesn’t mean in terms of air conditioning.

The light and airy contemporary vibe we see embodied in so many new homes and design boutiques these days really does wonders for the feel of your home. It gives it that sense of breathability that we so desperately crave in the summer months.

“Light and airy” can be an aesthetic that’s difficult to nail, since it’s more of a feel than an interior design type. So, here are the major classifiers for a light and airy room, home, and maybe even life!

Blues, grays, and whites

Powder blues and icy grays are just off-white enough to give a pop of color, but not so much that they suffocate and overwhelm. For a truly coastal vibe, paint your walls one of these colors and accent it with some white trim.

Despite what you may think, going all-white is not the way to create a light and airy space. An all-white aesthetic is very modern, but the brightness can give a more energized vibe that could potentially even disrupt circadian rhythms. Muted blues and grays are a much softer and more relaxing touch.

Let in the light

Man-made lighting is fine in the evenings, but during the day, you’ll really want that sunshine to pour in. Forego the blackout curtains, and opt for some sheer white or beige ones instead.

Not only will white curtains go with the color scheme, they’ll emphasize the natural light pouring through your windows.

Work with negative space

Don’t leave your space looking too scarce, but don’t leave it looking too cluttered either. Put some personality and aesthetic clutter into areas concentrated with furniture, but don’t be afraid to leave the blank spaces… blank.

Negative space allows the energy to flow more easily through the room, and helps determine each area’s separate functions. Leaving your space too minimalistic will achieve more of a modern vibe than an airy one. While easily mistakable, the two are different.

Simplistic furniture

Keep furniture simple and sleek. No clunky armchairs, oversized sofas, or elaborate tabletops. Wicker furniture accented with cushions, throw pillows, and throw blankets make your space feel homey and open all at the same time.

A Thonet Bentwood Chair is an excellent accent piece in a light and airy home, be it as a reading chair or a dining chair. Its neutral tone and wood finish also give a sense of coziness and help diversify the understated hues of the walls.