Modern Rustic: What It Means & How to Nail It

Modern rustic. It sounds like an oxymoron, right?

Perhaps, but it’s a very real thing. The modern rustic aesthetic is one of the most popular contemporary interior design styles. It combines elements of old and new to achieve a sleek look with warm undertones.

This farmhouse-like appearance is great for larger homes whose cool and barren interiors could benefit from some woodsy touches. It’s not as simple as all that, though. There are a number of elements that classify a home as “modern rustic.”

Wood & Stone Textures

This is the main qualifier right here. Rustic modern homes will typically feature stone accent walls or wood beams to really give off that farmhouse feel.

Stone fireplaces are a great way to achieve this, and wood-paneled walls can definitely be part of the equation if done right.

In homes with tall, cathedral-like ceilings, wood beams will really bring in a soupçon of coziness. Reclaimed wood is excellent for giving your home that rustic modern touch. It can be refinished so as to work out any imperfections, while still maintaining that weathered look.

Neutral Color Scheme

Eclectic colors don’t belong in the modern rustic home. This is where you should take advantage of neutrals that bring out the hues of the natural textures and fibers featured in your home.

Whites, beiges, and blacks will be sure not to take away from the charm. You can throw in a sprinkling of some subtle earth tones, like umbre or ochre. These will contribute to the natural finesse of the surrounding decor.

Avoid loud blues, reds, oranges, and yellows, however. These will detract from and clash with the more understated surroundings.

Outdoorsy Accents

The details tie the whole look together. Experiment with some outdoorsy touches, like amethyst stone or copper lantern lighting. If you overdo it, it might look tacky. However, just the right amount of these small accents will give the space personality.

Foliage bouquets in vases are also a great way to master this vibe.

As for furniture, contemporary Bentwood chairs are the perfect blend of modern and rustic in appearance and function. Just one can effectively represent the outdoorsy sophistication of this interior design trend.