The Humble Rocking Chair and Thonet’s Elegant Design

“There is a peacefulness, an air of reflection, about a rocking-chair that attaches to no other moving object…” ~ Wallis Simpson.

They are comfort and motion combined. Their gentle rhythmic motion puts us in a nearly meditative, Zen-like state of mind. They produce a tranquil, soothing effect that transports us away from the stress of our busy lives to a place of quiet contemplation. They have also even been shown to have therapeutic effects on many disorders. President John F. Kennedy, for example, used one to help relieve back pain, as prescribed by his doctor. That’s a pretty tall order for an object that is neither a high-tech device nor a narcotic. But is an order that rocking chairs have fulfilled for centuries. This is why they are a staple in many households. One designer who exploited our love affair with this simple, yet elegant piece of furniture is Michael Thonet. His B825 Bentwood Rocking Chair is one of his most recognized pieces and is a stunning example of his revolutionary technique of bending wood.

Other pieces of Thonet furniture that lend themselves to the graceful, rustic style of his rocking chairs are his armchair, barstools and his cane seat and piano stool. They are refined works of art. At Bauhaus2YourHouse we are proud to carry several of his rocking chairs. Rock back and forward in comfort and style in his B825 Bentwood Rocking Chair or be caressed by his Rondo CU Bentwood Chair with its soft and durable leather seat and sloping armrest.