Tips for Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

Let’s face it – kitchen tables are mainly functional whereas dining room tables are chosen to be beautiful and to reflect the homeowner’s individual style and sense of taste as well. Coffee tables typical meet somewhere in the middle between beauty and function. This is why coffee tables come in such a wide variety of styles and designs. Moreover, whether a homeowner chooses a tulip table (designer Eero Saarinen) or Eileen gray table (designer Eileen Gray), these essential fixtures are often conversation pieces in and of themselves. They serve as a platform for owners and their guests and families to relax in front of in familial surroundings. At Bauhaus2YourHouse we recommend that you make the following considerations when choosing a table that is right for your home.

  • Consider the Space: Make sure that you can reach the table comfortably and place your drink there too.
  • Consider its height: Standard coffee table heights are 16” to 18” high. Our Eileen gray table is adjustable in height making it a perfect bedside or reception area table as well as an ideal coffee table.
  • Consider balance: Make sure your coffee table balances with your sofa and surrounding furniture.
  • Consider color: If you choose a bold color try to keep the sofa and side tables neutral in order to make the table stand out.

Yes, coffee tables are an important item that lets people know who you are. Where style and design may diverge between types of coffee tables, they converge in that they are the centerpiece to many living rooms. Considerations for buying one must be practical but at the same time you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to picking the perfect size, design and style. At Bauhaus2YourHouse we invite you to indulge yourself when choosing this very important component of your home decor.


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