Interior Design Apps and Your Home

Unless you’re an interior design expert, choosing the right décor for your home can be challenging. Not only must you choose the pieces that you like the most, you then have to decide on placement, flow, accessibility etc., as it relates to the furniture you already own. A piece as lovely as a Le Corbusier chaise Le Corbusier chaise from Bauhaus2Your House, can present you with a challenge as to where to place the piece – in a bedroom, on a patio, in the living room, etc. Luckily, interior design websites recognize that not everyone has expertise when it comes to where their new furniture may look best in their homes. To this end, there are many interior design apps for Iphone and Android available for download.

Like that Décor – This app allows users to snap a picture of any piece of furniture and match it with any similar item they wish to buy. It is available for Iphone and iPad.

Houzz – This app contains a database of millions of images organized by style, room, etc. It also puts users in contact with real life design consultants. Free for Android and iOS.

Homestyler Interior DesignThis free Android and iOS app lets users superimpose 3D images of furniture onto snapshots of their actual living room, etc.

MagicPlanFinally, this app eliminates the need to take measurements for your interior design project. It computes distances within a space from a snapshot of any room. This ensures that your new furniture fit perfectly.

For those of us who are DIY minded but who are challenged when it comes to design, tech has come to the rescue with these applications and many others. By using these apps and our catalog of fine furniture, you’ll be ready to handle any interior design project.