The Cesca Chair: A Must for the Collector of Modernist Pieces

Cara McCarty, associate curator of the department of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), has called it one of the most “important chairs of the 20th century.” The chair is the renowned Cesccescaa chair and Bauhaus 2 Your House offers it as one of the essential pieces of modernism that everyone concerned with design should see and possess.

The chair was first conceived by Marcel Breuer a Hungarian-born modernist, architect and furniture designer – and typifies the principles of modernism at it relates to furniture design. Those principles include practicality of materials and dispensing with what is unneeded. Cesca is one of the pioneers in a new aesthetic that survives to this day and has made left its mark in many homes and offices. His creation – which was named after his daughter- is the Cesca chair. Its look is unique with its tubular steel frame which supports a canned seat and arm rests.

This enduring and fundamental part of the history of modernism can be part of your spring cleaning ritual. No Bauhaus 2 Your House can’t help you clean out your home or get rid of your old furniture, but it can help you add pieces to it that will re-invigorate your abode or office. The chair – which was oddly enough based on the handle bars of a bicycle – can sit easily among your other collection of modern furniture or it could be an inaugural piece as it waits to be joined by other pieces from this master of design. Bauhaus 2 Your House has introduced this piece and many others to people who have just begun to collect such pieces and who wish to do so in style and economy.