Interior Design Ideas for Studios/Efficiencies

Architect interior designer concept: unfinished project that becomes real, loft with mezzanine, staircase. Studio apartment, bedroom, living room, kitchen, white interior design

Living in a small space like a studio apartment is perfectly fine, but thinking small about decorating is not! Residents of these kinds of apartments face the unique challenge of making these smaller spaces look and feel more expansive. Fortunately, even if you live in a studio or efficiency, with the help of space-saving furniture you can overcome this challenge by adding excitement and style in several ways. 

Here are some design ideas to help you elevate your studio or efficiency apartment:

Think in Zones, Not Just One Room

Even though a studio or efficiency apartment is technically one room, it doesn’t have to be seen that way. It’s best to think of it in terms of zones or conjoined smaller spaces. Room dividers or strategically placed rugs can help emphasize this approach, creating distinct living, dining, and sleeping areas. For example, a well-placed extendable table can serve as a delineating feature between your living and dining areas, while still offering the flexibility to extend when you have guests.


Choose Appropriately Scaled Furniture

Furniture that is too large will make your space feel cramped and cluttered, while furniture that is too small can disrupt the balance of your design. Opt for pieces that fit the scale of your space but offer multifunctional benefits. With this in mind, a well-chosen sofa or table can make all the difference. Consider the Extendable Tulip Dining Table, which can be compact when you need it and extended when you have company, offering style and versatility without overwhelming your space. For a more compact alternative option, consider the Paul Dining Table by Midji

Utilize Vertical Space

Shelf unit with folded sweaters near white brick wall

Space is at a premium in studio and efficiency apartments, so you’ll want to utilize ceiling and wall space. Use hooks, pegs, and netting to increase the orderliness of your space. Wall-mounted shelving can also serve as decorative elements while keeping things off the floor and within easy reach. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors and potted plant near window in light room

Mirrors do more than just show reflections; they can also make your studio or efficiency appear larger and brighter. Strategically placing mirrors opposite windows can help bounce natural light around the room, creating an airy and visually open feel.

Elevate Your Bed

Don’t neglect the often ignored space under your bed—it offers valuable storage real estate. When laying out your studio or efficiency, platforms or lofted beds can also provide additional living or working space underneath. Imagine pairing your raised bed with a stylish storage bench to keep your items neatly tucked away.


Make Storage Seamless

Integrate storage solutions that blend seamlessly with your décor. Consider Bauhaus2YourHouse, for a range of stylish, space-saving furniture such as convertible sofabed and modular units that come with hidden storage. Look for pieces that not only help you keep your space neat but also add a touch of elegance.

small spaces come with their own set of challenges, but with the right approach and furniture, you can turn your studio or efficiency into a stylish, functional haven. You should never have to feel that your space is too small to accommodate your lifestyle. From spacious lofts to compact studios, consider space-saving furniture that transforms your studio or efficiency into a chic, organized space. Embrace the possibilities and let your creativity flow!