Interior Design Ideas for Studios/Efficiencies

It’s okay to live in a small space like a studio apartment but it is not okay to think small about decorating! People who live in these kinds of apartments face the unique challenge of making these smaller spaces look as if they are more than just an oversized bedroom. Fortunately, though you may live in a studio or efficiency, you can meet the challenge in a number of ways that add excitement and style to these notoriously difficult to decorate spaces. Here are some design ideas to help you complete the tasks of decorating studio and efficiency apartments.


  • Do not treat your studio/efficiency apartment as one room: Even though an efficiency/studio apartment is one room, it does not have to be seen that way. It is best to think of a studio/efficiency apartment in terms of zones or conjoined smaller spaces. You may even consider using room dividers or rugs to stress this approach.
  • Make sure the scale size of your furniture is appropriate: Using furniture that is too large will give you less room and make your space look smaller and cluttered. Using furniture that is too small will play havoc on your design.
  • Hang things: Space is at a premium in studio and efficiency apartments so you will want to utilize ceiling and wall space. Use hooks, pegs and netting to increase the orderliness of your space.
  • Raise your bed: Space under your bed can be used for storage too. Don’t neglect this often ignored area when laying out your studio/efficiency.
  • Use mirrors: Using mirrors will not only make your studio/efficiency appear larger, it will also brighten up your living space.
  • Make storage seem invisible: In addition to our bookcases, sideboards and credenzas, we also have convertible sofas, etc., that are not only stylish but which also provide hidden storage areas for your belongings. Camouflaging your storage areas will make your apartment seem less cluttered.


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