Timber Trends 2020: Creating Warmth with Wood

This year’s hottest home decor take has come in the form of bringing the outdoors in — and that’s not surprising, considering most of the year was spent indoors.

Along with biophilic design, many interior designers and homeowners have also worked on incorporating more timber into their homes. Specifically, we’re seeing a preference toward light timber finishes in furniture, accent pieces, floors, blinds, and more.

Though this latest timber trend lends itself to the overall natural, minimalistic — almost bohemian — interior design aesthetic of 2020, it also carries a sense of timelessness. All at once, it carries a sense of warmth and a sense of contemporary cool.

Here are some ways to incorporate the timber aura into your home this year.

Light Wood Picture Frames

If you have any kind of framed wall hangings on white walls in your home, a white or black picture frame can be a bit bland. However, a light wooden picture frame can really warm up the area.

Wooden picture frames can beautifully bring out the colors in abstract pieces and also draw attention to gallery walls consisting of many hangings.

Get creative by investing in wooden frames of all kinds of materials (mahogany, cherry, pine) and all kinds of finishes (polished, unpolished). It’ll make for an eclectic yet elegant feel.

Stylish Wooden Chairs

Timber dining chairs and barstools can really make for an inviting atmosphere in which to gather. Aim for ones with a more modern styling, however, like the August Thonet Bentwood Chair.

The curved backing of this chair provides much comfort, and adding a cushion can maximize this effect.

To add to the boho vibe, opt for a velvet, jewel-toned cushion or perhaps a faux-fur white cushion. This enhances the warmth of the timber, the comfort of the space, and the overall plush semblance.

Understated Oak Credenzas

Lend a mid-century modern feel to your sitting room with an oak credenza that’s unassuming but adorned with just the right accents. No matter if most of the furniture in your living room is upholstered, plastic, or metal, a wooden credenza will tie into the theme.

It also pairs perfectly with your plant life — which becomes the underlying message of the whole timber trend. On its own, the timber aesthetic for your home isn’t most appealing. It should be paired with greenery, crawling vines, and collections of small potted plants.

So, bring out your wooden credenza by topping it with some plant life, wooden accents of different shades, and maybe a few silver accessories to tone it down.

The Move Sideboard by Tonon is an incredible, new-age piece that utilizes elements of the art deco aesthetic.