Give Your Home Office a Modern Classic Makeover

One of the many benefits of having an office in your home – apart from being able to avoid rush hour traffic and the scramble to find parking – is being able to personalize your workspace in a way that you could not otherwise not do in a traditional worksite. People who do most of their work in traditional offices do try to personalize their cubicles with pictures and little odds and ends they carry in with them from home, but it in the end they are stuck looking at sterile, white cubicle walls. This should not be you. The fact that you work from home should empower you to choose a style you desire and that speaks to you.maxime-old-desk-1_large

This can be accomplished with a number of modern classic furniture pieces. For each piece sets a mood and accentuates other pieces. For example, a Thonet chair could add a touch of simple elegance, strength and beauty to your home office. From it you could look out upon a Maxime Old Desk, which could sit as the centerpiece piece to your conference room or as your main work area. The table will be sturdy and comprised of clean, simple lines. It is functional. It can therefore easily accommodate clients or co-workers. You could add to this picture task, Cantilever or accent chairs all in the classic modern tradition.

So, let others stay confined to their prisons of sterile, white cubicle walls. Your office can be so much more expressive than theirs and what it can express is your unique take on the classics.