Small Spaces, Big Designs

One of the greateozzio+logost ironies of living in big cities is that its inhabitants often have to reside in tiny spaces.  In the “Big Apple,” for example, space is known to come at a premium.  Thus, for people who have particularly small spaces, design must take an equal place with style.  Furniture that is efficient, functional and transformative is best suited for the needs of these kinds of people and their apartmeOzzio_box_tablents and homes.  These aesthetic principles are exemplified in the designs of Ozzio, an Italian company that makes space saving tables, chairs and desks that are practical, high quality and dynamic.  Their transformable tables (magnum legno), for example, can be expanded to seat up to 14 people and collapsed in order to seat six.

Moreover, Ozzio designs are adjustable by length, width and height making their furniture able to “evolve” in a sense.  Nothing can be more practical than furniture with these qualities.  After all, furniture is useless if it does not first fit the needs of the people who are using it.  Ozzio takes the concept of efficient, space saving furniture to its very height with its Divano transformable Four Seasons sofa which is a sofa, table and four folding chairs in one.  Yes, people who wrestle with the problem of limited space can visit Bauhaus2yourhouse and see all of these designs.  Interior design tricks such as utilizing vertical space in one’s apartment or home for storage are still effective ways to deal with limited space, but Ozzio furniture is a resource people in this position should also consider.