Tips for Arranging Furniture

The Chinese put so much importance on furniture placement that they base an entire philosophical system on it called Feng shui. And while many westerners may not strictly adhere to this ancient Chinese philosophical system, we all know that arranging furniture in our homes can be a daunting task nevertheless. How do you draw focus on some items and areas in your home? How do you complement your Marcel Breuer chair or your Mies van der rohe furniture in a pleasing way? Here are some tips for arranging the furniture in your home in pleasing and imaginative ways.

  • Don’t push furniture against the walls: Even in smaller rooms you should give your furniture room to breathe. Leave several feet between the walls and your furniture as doing so can make even small rooms look bigger.
  • Create a focal point: This can be a TV, a fireplace, window etc. Establish your own focal point for each room and arrange your furniture around it.
  • Sofa and Chairs: Be sure to measure the space in which you will be placing these big ticket items. It’s best to sketch out the basic design on a piece of paper before decorating your home.
  • Get a big coffee table: An excellent way to create a conversation area is to use a large coffee table. In this sense, they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  • Use interior design software: Get a sense of how each room in your house will look by using one of the many interior design programs online. These apps will give you a look at how your furnishings will look in your home. Houzz will let you create virtual rooms and even give you access to professional design consultants.
  • Living room furniture: Leave at least 30 inches between your furnishings so that there is enough room for you, your family and guests to walk around in. Also leave at least 14 to 18 inches between coffee tables and sofas.

People who are deciding on where to place furniture in an empty room face the same dilemma that writers do when they face an empty page. Where do I begin? Well, with the above tips, we hope we have given you some help in deciding on where to place your furnishings.