Chaise Lounge Chairs: More than Just a Bedroom Accessory

Part chair and part couch, chaise lounges are a stylish indulgence that many discerning homeowners have discovered. In fact, they are so associated with restful, coziness that more often than not you will find them adorning the bedrooms of the people that own them. But is this the only place these elegant pieces of furniture belong? A piece like our Le Corbusier chaise (designed by the great Charles-Édouard Jeanneret), can adorn many other rooms of the home other than the bedroom. Some other placement ideas include:


The patio: Why not show the neighbors your flare for fashion while you are daydreaming out on your patio or deck? It can be a wonderful accessory to those outdoor gatherings as well as a conversation piece. Finally, a folding chaise can be quickly and easily brought inside during inclement weather.

Window seat: Winter has nearly left us. (for many of us it never came.) What better way to witness the sights of spring’s return than from a cozy chaise lounge?

The living room: Placed opposite your sofa you can create an extra place of leisure and relaxation while at the same time complementing or contrasting it with the rest of your furniture.

Yes, all of our pieces such as our Le Corbusier chaise and our Cesca chair were designed with comfort and practicality in mind. And while those two qualities are great, one must never forget elegance and grace. In repose, your mind will drift back to a more gentile time as you rest in one of our many pieces.