Guide to Picking & Placing Throw Pillows

Of all the accents you can place in your home, throw pillows are perhaps the most expressive. The throw pillows you pick can either make or break your home decor, so making the right choice is crucial. Whether you’re placing throw pillows on your sofa, an armchair, or an entryway bench, it’s important they be cohesive with your home’s overall vibe.

While throw pillows should blend well with your home decor, they’re also your opportunity to throw in a little personality. Eclectic designs and patterns, fun sayings and illustrations – throw pillows are your opportunity to showcase these things. They should complement, not cover. There are some tips to ensure you pick and place throw pillows properly.

#1) Don’t get too matchy matchy. 

Throw pillows do not need to match the exact color of the furniture they are being placed on. Get creative! While the colors should work together, they should not be one and the same. Nonetheless, make sure the pillows you pick fit with the overall color scheme of your home decor.

#2) Vary the textures & sizes. 

Spice it up by changing up the fabric textures of the throw pillows you use. Pair your traditional ones with some furry ones, and maybe even a couple of sequined ones. Break up the monotony by also buying different sizes. Small accent pillows make a nice touch for armchairs and love seats, while large throw pillows look great on beds.

#3) Layering is key. 

Now that you’ve invested in some different textures and sizes, it’s time to layer them up! From the largest throw pillows in the back to the small accent pillows in the front, layering gives your home a more inviting look and feel. Just having one throw pillow on each piece of furniture can look a little stale. Layering offers character, color coordination, and an overall more plush, homey feel.

#4) No boundaries.

Don’t mislead yourself into believing throw pillows only belong on indoor furniture. Throw pillows on your patio furniture help make your outdoor space more comfortable, and given barren patio furniture a touch of softness. Place a couple of throw pillows on your wicker patio chairs for a pop of color and a welcoming aura.


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