Today’s Hottest Table Top – Crystalceramic

Italy is known for its innovative development of materials to meet the needs of the modern consumer. From markless glass, and a wide array of plastics, to the newest material – Crystalceramic.

Opla Table

Opla Table

Currently being used in a range of tables by the Italian manufacturer Midj, Crystalceramic is a table top material that has the same look as a stone, but is comprised of ceramic material to give it unique properties that anyone would desire in a table top. High resistance to scratching, cold and heat are just the beginning for the material. As it is made with all natural materials, the beauty of nature is present as each table top has its own original and authentic appearance. In the past, materials like this were only available in large slabs and were custom made for kitchen counter tops. New manufacturing techniques allow for thinner layers of this material to be made for tables.

Midj currently offers Crystalceraminc in white oxide, basalt and lead color. We see a future of other colors as well as other tables being used with this spectacular material.

To see this table in action, visit this link to a short YouTube video about Crystalceramic.